Setting an Example for Future iPhone App Design & Development

  09 Dec 14

It is a proven fact that visual elements are the most likely candidates that'd be able to create an impact in the lives of people instead of its counterparts. And the truth is that, it has been able to churn up quite a storm even in the World of computers. Which has culminated into iPhone application development professionals spending a lot of time choosing everything from the right color choice to the right design elements like even basic shapes. Trying to look for the more subtle aspects that would help their users feel right about using the app, and if they're fortunate, longer than a week. 
That's the thing about extreme competition. It forces you to take the scenario at hand and then view it from 10 different angles that you wouldn't even think about in a normal circumstance. Especially, with mobile, a platform that is always developing and innovating, you need to dig deeper to stay relevant and ahead of the competition or die a sudden death. When we look at the mobile app market, something that is touted as an over-saturated sea full of fishes to the brim, it can be very hard to come up with original solutions to problems. 
Even if you succeed at developing an original idea and bringing it to completion perfectly as you'd imagined it to be, you'd reach a point where you think to yourself, "now what?" how are you to take the idea and move forward with it? With technological advances happening all over the places. It can become pretty overwhelming to come up with new strategies and even the resources to support  your ideas to actually push it to completion. A classic case of this was how a well renowned app had to be updated following an operating system update. But things definitely didn't go according to plans because soon after the developer team of the app had to come out with a new update for the app because, instead of actually offering performance boosts and running the app smoothly, the operating system update ended up break the app and rendering it useless and left a huge chunk of its users fuming at why the app that they had paid for, and which was working quite well up to that point, totally turned kaput for them overnight. 
Then they had to spend valuable resources coming with an update for the update so that people could go back to being content with its performance as before. But even with the 3rd update, they were faced with problems and had to further look for solutions. What this example is trying to convey is the fact that you as an iPhone application development professional need to be able to incorporate all the latest updates in the World of tech while still maintaining a extremely pleasing visual congruence that is innovative and fresh enough to always drag people back into the experience but doesn't cross the line to go too far away from familiarity and comfort. 




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