iPhone 6, a New Beginning for Apple?

  16 Sep 14

The past couple of weeks have been pretty good for Apple, what with the iPhone 6 as well the stealth Apple Watch announcements getting customers very excited. So excited, that Apple's online ordering system had crashed as soon as it was made public, which left a lot of people unhappy. Apple got the system up and running soon, but Apple is finally reaping the fruits of labor that it put into creating the iPhone 6. And also, (maybe) the rumors that it helped spread that all of us had to endure for months. 
No matter what the consumer feels about having to wait long to get their devices, or having to spend a whole lot of money for the latest handsets, Apple's laughing all the way to the bank. After just a few days of letting people order online for their devices, Apple has recorded over 4 million orders. That's almost twice more than last year. And that number is only going to grow in the coming week. Definitely a defining moment in Tim Cook's tenure so far, the iPhone 6 symbolizes a lot of things. Like, Apple letting go of its rigid grip over its device design, even if it was forced to do it because of the competition as well as foraying into the world of Wearable technology with a great new product. 
Talking about the rumors, we saw that the overall design of the iPhone 6 was  what was claimed as leaked by many tech websites. But the didn't have a Sapphire display, though. Much to the dismay of many customers that is. Apple has always kept a keen eye on the iPhone application development process. Everything from the performance to the design of the app, it makes sure to have a sort of consistency around its products and services, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. 
Of course, as we've also talked about in the past about the iPhone 6, this is definitely exciting news for developers all around the World. Many of whom have been wanting to work with a larger screen but don't necessarily want to switch over to say Android. For these people, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus are just what they want. And this will also mean good news for the consumers. Now, they will also be able to view movies and videos and have a great experience while doing so. Playing games will also become a huge plus for many who got annoyed by the smaller iPhone 5 and older screens. The brand new mobile operating system from Apple, iOS in general boasts of a great battery life as well as a big performance boost. Which again, is nothing but good news. 
If you've ordered for an iPhone 6 today, you'll probably get it in under 15 days, if its an iPhone 6, that is. The iPhone 6 Plus will only reach users 'til after a few weeks, which some think is a long time, but have to deal with. If you're someone that's interested in the Apple Watch, whether its as a consumer or a iPhone application development professional, you'll have to wait until next year when Apple will make it finally release it to the public.  




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