How to Find an iPhone Application Development Specialist To Make Apps for Disabled Users

  30 Sep 14

One way that you can make a unique app is to cater to the needs of a previously untapped market – users who are disabled. Naturally this market has some exceptions that it would be very difficult to create an app for such as those who are totally blind in both eyes. However, making an app for the disabled has its own rewards (financial and otherwise).
Your iPhone application development specialist might be hesitant to accept your request for an app for a specific type of disability. This is because they might be used to making apps for people who have all their faculties intact. Still, keep searching until you find one that is willing to make apps for disabled users. This way you also get to know how the industry tends to work which is invaluable when you have other apps made eventually.
Let’s say you want to make an app for a person who has no fingers or maybe even no hands. How would this work? One way such a person could use the IPhone touchscreen interface is to use a stylus. So your preferred app should be one that can be commanded using a stylus, rather than with human fingers. You could also make an app for such a disabled person if that person uses prosthetic hands and/or fingers. Of course, the touchscreen interface was designed for human fingers so this means your ideal disabled user would need to use the stylus or his prosthetics gently just as a human finger would softly caress the screen.
Another type of disabled user you could cater to is one with defective eyesight. The key to this user is that you would need to make an app that has pretty large text font in contrasting colors so that the user would be able to read the text easily. You could make the large text font a default function of your app. Some users might also be color blind so you need to make an app that can be commanded easily by someone who has this disorder.
One type of app that would be very much in demand is one that caters to the mentally ill. One problem that mentally ill users of the IPhone have is taking their medication on time and submitting for therapy on schedule. You could have your iPhone application development specialist make an app that will remind a mentally ill IPhone user when to take his meds and when he has to do other things like eat meals, take baths, exercise, and even when to go to bed. Though some mentally ill people might be too sick or disoriented to use an IPhone, their caregivers would probably benefit from such an app so that they can keep the mental patient on schedule with meds and therapies.




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