How to Choose the Right Application for Your iPhone application development Project

  09 Oct 14

Some people think that an iPhone application development project simply means hiring an app developer, wait for him to finish his work, then release the app into the market. Yes, your app project will require that but it is actually a bit more complicated than you think. Let’s walk you through it.

First of all, you will need to select the correct type of application that IPhone users would probably want to use. And that means knowing your preferred IPhone user. So let’s say for argument’s sake that you want to target the adolescent crowd (especially those with indulgent parents) because you think they are the most likely to download apps regularly into their IPhones. What kind of application do adolescents like? Most likely they want an application that they can share with their friends, looks bright and cheerful, and can entertain them. So let’s say your choice of app would inform them when the next rave party is in their city because today’s adolescents seem to like that sort of entertainment.

Your next step is to help your iPhone application development professional figure out the architecture of the app. This means giving him an outline of what functions this entertainment app would feature. It will probably be like an online bulletin board where users can “pin” their announcements about rave parties for the benefit of other users who can then check out these announcements. Another function would be sharing these pinned announcements with the user’s friends. Remember to keep your app as user friendly as possible. This means keeping it as simple as possible. So do keep the app easy to navigate and easy to use.

Usually app developers work hand in glove with graphic designers – this is because much of the appeal of an IPhone app can be attributed to its “eye candy” images. So when you hand over development of your app to the team, it pays to spend time with the artists to thresh out what you really want your app to look like. This is where some conflict can arise because what you want might not be obvious to the artist. Unless you yourself are an artist, you can expect this stage to be “trial and error” because the artist has to come up with different conceptualization of your ideas for the app images. If you’re lucky your artist will hit it on the first try. If not, be prepared to discuss it closely with the artist.

It also pays to be on top of the project even if you are in a different location from the team. One way to guarantee they won’t run away with your idea is to insist on a periodic update of their progress and this means being given a working copy of their work so far. That way even if the team runs away with your idea you can beat them to the punch because you already have the latest version of the app and can always release it after you find another app development team to finish it.




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