A Point in Time, Far Away with iPhone Application Development Professionals

  12 Nov 14

You know one thing that I like to do, which I think is pretty interesting to ponder about in an evening when I have a good bit of time on my hands, and I'm sure you would have thought about this as well, is think about the future. And the future that we have now has an aspect which can't be overlooked, and that is the impact of technology in our lives. Which is more imminent that ever today. We rely on it to make our food palatable, we rely on it to help eradicate our boredom and we even rely on it to keep ourselves alive. 
And the one piece of technology that has the most consistent effect on a large chunk of the population today, no matter what the color of your skin is, or what part of the world your house is situated in, is mobile technology. So much has been said and done about smartphones, the forerunners of portable tech among the masses. And a lot of stuff is being said about how it's going to change and evolve even fiercely in the future, by growing stronger and being able to exercise more control over our lives in helping us with tasks that are more thought intensive. 
It is interesting to think about a future where iPhone application development professionals might create apps for our iPhones that could enable us to put on a pair of goggles and get immersed in the game or app that was running on the device and forget for moments on end that we weren't actually standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, but sitting at an airport trying to kill some time until your delayed flight is rescheduled again. 
Or lets consider another scenario, where your in your office and giving a presentation about how efficiently you can plan out a township in the limited amount of space that you has been authorized to you. What do you think will be a more efficient way to utilize the time of everyone involved as well as make sure that everyone that's present effectively understands your objectives? Of course, the answer would be to choose a more visual style. Sure, using images and video or even 3D models in your presentation would be good but will it be better than say, a hologram? Where you can actually move your hands to interact with the holographic model and then scale it up, add or delete modules at run time and explain your cause in a much better way. 
Well, all these things may seem a little far fetched to some people, but remember that if you time traveled back 15-20 years and took an iPhone or iPad with you to show one of the people from that era, they've have a really hard time ascertaining the truthfulness of your claims, they might even end up thinking that you were trying to scam them by playing illusions with their minds or else end up captivating everyone with awe! So, here's wishing the best for our future, by putting just a little bit of pressure on our iPhone application development teams.




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