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What to Do If Consumers Ignore Your New iPhone App


So you hired an iPhone application development team and they delivered the goods – you now have a new app. You then signed up at the Apple Store to distribute your new app to the public. Then you sit and wait…and wait…and wait. But to your dismay, no one seems to be buying your new IPhone app. Is this disaster? Not automatically.   First of all, you need to remember that there are over a million apps now being distributed under the management of the Apple Stor [...]

How can an iPhone Application help you get Married?


Technology can be a benefit or a curse for a relationship. iPhone is one tool of technology that helps you in improving your relationships through communication. Because communication is the way of a healthy relationship. That's the reason now-a-days most of the people use their phones as a way of communication to be in a touch with everyone.   In the era of technology, now marrying with the traditional process is not possible. Because when you are going to spend your whole l [...]

Should You Buy an iPhone App as a Gift?


So your friend’s birthday is coming up and you have no idea what kind of gift to give. Then you suddenly realize that your friend has an IPhone, just like yours. So you start thinking “maybe she would like an IPhone app as a gift?” Brilliant idea there. Yes, giving an IPhone app as a gift is a wonderful idea.   One good option when buying an IPhone app is to go to this link to check out what’s new: http://www.apple.com/itunes/charts/free-apps/. You will se [...]

Have you Wondered How an iPhone App Can Save Lives?


There are now many people who are either iPhone app developers who actually make apps or businesspeople who hire iPhone application development teams to design apps for them. Whichever of these are you, that iPhone app you design now might possibly be used to save lives in the near future.   Take for example IPhone apps that have a GPS function built into them. Although some might use the GPS function purely for fun, there could be individuals who will need the GPS when their liv [...]

Deciding When to Retire Your iPhone App


Because it is now so easy to find an iPhone application development India team as well as to procure IPhones, it is not surprising that many consumers buy more than one app for their IPhones. Some might even buy hordes of apps – until the day they realize they have one app too many and there is no more space for more apps. If this sounds like you, inevitably you will need to figure out which IPhone app you will need to “retire” to make room for the newer app. What do you do? [...]

Can Your Current iPhone Model Accept New iPhone Apps?


The answer to this is: it depends on the model of iPhone you are using. The iPhone was first released in year 2007 so if your phone dates back to that year (though that is unlikely nowadays) your phone might not be able to accept certain apps yet. For example, the older iPhones could not shoot videos yet but today this is a common feature of the current generation of iPhones. It is a question of what hardware your phone is made of because this may dictate what software apps your phone can acc [...]

Breaking News How Secure Are Your IPhone Apps?


In this world of shady characters operating via the Internet, it is not surprising that you should be careful about who you hire for IPhone application development After all, there are already news reports of smartphones (of which IPhone is one) possibly being used to deploy explosives meaning the phone itself contains the explosives. So if you do hire someone on the Internet to make an IPhone app for you, it is very possible that you have unknowingly hired a Black Hat app developer, possibly [...]

Can a New iPhone app Destroy an iPhone?


Let’s look at this issue in iPhone app development carefully. First of all, an IPhone is actually a mini computer that has telephone messaging functions. It has a processor and a memory just like a computer. Today’s IPhone has many functions that were originally only used on computers such as email messaging functions. So theoretically, an IPhone is actually a computer. And just as a computer can be destroyed by a file that contains a virus, your IPhone can also be destroyed [...]



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